At sight the wine looks clear, brilliant, burgundy with ruby light. It gives out a persisting, strong smell with nuances from the underwood, aromatic wood, soft fruit, vanilla and preserve. At taste the wine is round and full-bodied, dry with an aromatic persistence.
   Time is a trustworthy friend for it: in fact, if it is properly kept in a dark, cool place, with a constant temperature, and the bottle laid down, it gets better and better as the time goes by.
   It tastes at its best with read and roast meats, with wildfowl and furred game as well as with mature cheese. It is also considered the perfect wine to drink in front of fire place while relaxing.
   It must be served in proper crystal wine glasses in order to better taste its composite flavor and at a temperature between 18°C-20°C.




Brunello di Montalcino
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